Beaver Juice

A smoky tobacco flavor with touches of cherry and a hint of Vanilla.

Black Honey Tobacco

Black Honey Tobacco has the full bodied flavor of a rich pipe tobacco that was cured to be sweetened with honey tones.

Broad Street Menthol

A perfectly balanced menthol touch to our long time favorite Broad Street Tobacco. If you're a menthol fan this blend will make you happy with just the right blend of tobacco and menthol for a unique flavor.


Broad Street Tobacco

Broad Street Tobacco is one of our most popular flavors. A smooth tobacco flavor that is a must try for fans of tobacco e-liquid. This is an in house mix and should be very uncommon to anything you have ever tried.


DFW Vapor's E-Liquid line wouldn't be complete without the genuine cigar flavor. It has the robust and well rounded taste of a cigar and we're confident that you'll enjoy vaping this!


This is a full body clove flavor with a hint of Vanilla.


Coastal Tobacco

Coastal Tobacco US E-Liquid tastes like nice light tobacco with a hint of citrus like saltiness. It makes for a nice change of pace for tobacco flavored e-liquid fans.

Coffin Nail

A flavor that mimics the taste of burning tobacco. It also works well for mixing smokiness into other flavors.

Flue Cured

Here is another great flavor for pipe tobacco lovers!


Frisco Blend

This fine tobacco flavor focuses less on intensity of flavor strength and more on the unique, tobacco blend flavor that makes it stand out from the rest.


This combination of caramel and tobacco is the perfect blend for tobacco fans.

Turkish Tobacco

A harsh, Turkish tobacco inspired vape. It is a TOTALLY fantastic tobacco flavor experience.


US Tobacco

***NOTE TO CUSTOMERS THE FLAVORING HAS SLIGHTLY CHANGED*** Our tobacco flavored e-liquid is a classic. A clean, zero additive tobacco taste with great, pure flavor.

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