Atomic Menthol

Our full flavor Atomic menthol combines our two most popular E-Liquid flavors, Cinnamon Fire Storm and Menthol. This has a mouth watering cinnamon burn with a tingly cool menthol finish.

Banana Beard

A smooth strawberry banana flavor with a dash of black cherry.  You'll go bananas for this flavor!

Be Mine

This PURR-FECT take on the little candy hearts will score you plenty of XOXO's from your CUTIE PIE.


Bubble Chew

There is no need to use up all your quarters at the Gumball machine when you're vaping on our delicious Gumball flavor.

Bubble Fish

Bubbly and refreshing. A delicious mix of apricot and grape this new flavor is sure to please anyone looking to relax with juicy summer fruits.

Bubble Gum

Lips smacking sweet bubble gum flavor that everyone loves, now as an e-cigarette liquid from DFWvapor.com! Gum and Vape on the go!



The butterscotch candy taste you love, now as an E-Liquid flavor! Only from DFWvapor!

Candy Corn

Missing all the treats of Halloween? The candy corn e-liquid can hold you over until next year.

Caramel Apple

Our caramel apple E-Liquid tastes just like caramel covered red apples! It's a sweet and delicious flavor.


Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar

Consisting of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, enrobed in milk chocolate, Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar is a delightful treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Caramel E-Liquid from DFW Vapor is delicious and very sweet. This is a really great creamy flavor!

Chocolate Goblin

Pure sweet creamy chocolate goodness with a mischievous tinge of delightfully refreshing fruit notes.


Chocolate Hazelnut

Our rich hazelnut and dark chocolate combination will hit the spot!

Cinnamon Fire Storm

If you're looking to heat things up, the Cinnamon Fire Storm US E-Liquid will surely do the trick. The punches of hot cinnamon and sugar is a flavor with long lasting effects.

Our 0mg cinnamon firestorm taste different than our cinnamon firestorm with nicotine. The taste is a lot lighter and has allot less punch than the liquid with the nicotine.

English Toffee

This is a great toffee bar flavored vape with rich and delicious taste!


Grape Ape

Grape Ape is an almighty power house that brings strong grape flavor with a delightful sweetened tone. Can you handle the pure unadulterated power of The Grape Ape?


Is it apple, or is it grape? One taste and your sure to be hooked on our Grapple US E-Liquid. This could quickly become anyone's All Day Vape.

Gummy Treats

The delicious flavor of gummy Treats!!!



This delightful vape was almost as elusive to create as it is to find a jackaloupe. It has a rich strawberry and banana flavor that is very enjoyable.

Lisa's Cotton Candy

From small towns to the big cities, the state fair is a pretty big deal but it only comes once a year. Thanks to customer request, we have added Lisa's Cotton Candy to our flavor line. Sweet Fluffy Cotton Candy taste year round!

Love You Long Time

A Valentine's Day classic is the sweet little hearts that ask you to give them a call, asking for a kiss, or simply have XOXO printed on them. After momentarily pondering the greater meaning of their sayings we happily chew them up and enjoy the flavor. Now, you can vape the flavor.


Minty Cookie

Enjoy Minty Cookie! A nice chocolate flavor with just a touch of mint. Great for an after dinner vape.

Monkey Mortars

Enjoy the fine cuisine of monkeys. With this banana, chocolate, peanut butter mix you'll be swinging from the trees for more. Just make sure you keep your eyes up to avoid the bombs.


Mutagen is a Strawberry goodness.


Orange Creamsicle

Smooth vanilla mixed in a sweet and creamy orange ice cream. Stick not included.

Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears has been harvested from the Legendary bird itself. The flavor is an creamy apricot hybrid that is sure to bring tears of joy the anyone who vapes this perfect blend.


Razzblow US E-Liquid has the delicious flavor of sweet raspberry on a stick with the chewy finish.


Red Licorice

This is true to the classic flavor. Enjoy the taste of red licorice every time you vape!

Rose Candy

Rose Candy

Saints & Sinners Banana Foster

A request from a local artist is now an addition to the site. It's a rich, sweet vape without being too heavy. It has a nice finish. Tasty stuff!


Siberian Fireball

Siberian Fireball is a mix of sweet cinnamon and peppermint. If you like our cinnamon firestorm you're likely to love this variation of the flavor.


This sugary-peach E-Liquid was originally crafted for valentines day. With a hint of summer time, this juicy peachy flavor will have you relaxing on a day made for couples.

Sour Apple

Yet another addition to our current apple flavors, Sour Apple! Try it today for our twisted take on the apple!


Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry is sweet and with a light but present sour twang.

Sour Grape

A little bit of Grape, a little bit of sour. A lot of folks say this flavor reminds them of a grape soft drink.

Sour Raspberry

Sour Raspberry is the perfect combination of sour and sweet. It's sure to send your taste buds on a ride, but without the extreme sugar rush.


Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry has an amazing sugared sweetness with a slight sour bite

Sour Sweeties

A one of a kind Sour-Sweet sensation with delicious mixed fruit flavors.

Sour Watermelon

A sweet watermelon with a bite! If you are a fan of the normal Watermelon then I strongly suggest you give this one a try.


Strawberries and Cream

This E-Liquid carries the classic flavor of strawberries and cream! It has been a long time favorite that is love by many!

Sugary Fruit Explosion

Sugary Fruit Explosion is our take on those addictive little colored goodies with the hard candied out side and the chewy inside.

Sun Spots

A beautiful blend of oranges and cream. Similar to our Orange Creamsicle but lighter on the cream and heavier on the citrus. A nice balanced blend.


Sweet Fish

Sweet Fish

Trippy Zebra Chew

Now that tasty gum your mother would never let you buy at the grocery store is available as an e-cigarette liquid. The Trippy Zebra Chew flavor is sure to bring out your sugar craving childhood.

Truly Worthy Caramel

Never be without the sweet caramel flavor again with our Truly Worthy Caramel flavored vape. It's the grown up way to experience a childhood memory.



Our Tutti-Frutti e-liquid has a sweet and delicious flavor you will love. Fruity and flavorful!

Unicorn Venom US E-Liquid

Our newest flavor Unicorn is something you can't quite describe. It's fruity and sweet with a sour-like tang! It's a sweet flavor, like the mythical beast. However, this unicorn has an angry side.  As you embrace the sweet, you'll find out it's bite is nothing to be reckoned with. Grab a bottle and embrace the magic today!

War Giraffe

This finely tuned vape that is sure to make the mouth water for more. The blend of sweet cream with coconut is easy to fall in love with. Even our giraffe loves it!

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