All flavors are available in 0, 3, 5 & 10MG
Specimenz - 626

Fruity flavors & sweet lemon
Specimenz - 1947

German chocolate & oatmeal cakes & coconut
Specimenz - Alpha Ori Flare

Red hot cinnamon with a sweet finish.
Specimenz - Azure Comet

Red and purple fruits
Specimenz - Event Horizon

Raspberry, pineapple, light citrus and coconut
Specimenz - Hyperion

Full bodied, sweetened tobacco
Specimenz - Living Magic

Tangy melons and peach nectar
Specimenz - Mass Distortion

Sugar, apple & bubble gum taste
Specimenz - Nibiru Nectar

Honeysuckle & watermelon
Specimenz - Odin's Puddin'

Butterscotch, caramel & pudding!
Specimenz - PSR 2222-0137

Refreshing menthol
Specimenz - Red Dwarf

Fruity island style cocktail with sweet cherry
Specimenz - Trifid Pan M20P

Sweet fruity blend with a sour tang
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