Almond Amaretto

It's a smooth liqueur flavor with a pinch of almonds.

Almonds and Cream

Developed using a modern distilling method - extracting the finest flavors from both ingredients. Try it today!

Chocolate Hazelnut

Our rich hazelnut and dark chocolate combination will hit the spot!



Holy coconuts! This Eliquid carries a pure and natural coconut flavor and is a must try for anyone who loves coconut.

Peanut Butter

This has a rich and creamy peanut butter flavor. This one is great by itself, but when you mix this flavor with other E-Liquids like ice cream, chocolate, or fruits it really adds great depth.

Roasted Peanuts

There's great peanut flavor in this one. The roasted salty goodness really comes out.


Slow Roasted Almonds

Our Slow Roasted Almonds E-Liquid is delicious. It's a great sugar coated almond flavor that is sweet and tasty!

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