Menthol & Mint

Atomic Menthol

Our full flavor Atomic menthol combines our two most popular E-Liquid flavors, Cinnamon Fire Storm and Menthol. This has a mouth watering cinnamon burn with a tingly cool menthol finish.

Broad Street Menthol

A perfectly balanced menthol touch to our long time favorite Broad Street Tobacco Us E-Liquid. If you're a menthol fan this blend will make you happy with just the right blend of tobacco and menthol for a unique flavor.

Cool Mint

A light and refreshing mint flavor. It has the same cooling effects as menthol with a sweet mint flavor instead of a menthol taste. This is a must try if you are a fan of our wintergreen or spearmint.


Extreme Menthol

Our Extreme Menthol US E-Liquid takes the intensity of menthol several steps further that ever before.

Frosty Peach

This sweet Peach flavor is blended with just the right amount of cool Menthol.


A CLEAN zero additive menthol flavor!!


Peppermint Macchiato

Our classic macchiato with a new peppermint twist. Gear up for the season with coffee Santa himself would love.


Our peppermint is mixed up to be a strong and refreshing flavor. It's a great option for anyone burnt out on menthol.

Siberian Fireball

Siberian Fireball is a mix of sweet cinnamon and peppermint. If you like our cinnamon firestorm you're likely to love this variation of the flavor.



A nice fresh tasting mint that's not as harsh as the peppermint. Fresh breath from a vape? oh yeah!

Tropical Menthol

Enjoy the flavor of a fruity tropical medley that's been lightly cooled with a menthol edge.

Vanilla Menthol

The love child of our Vanilla Type 1 and Menthol.



Just like chewing a piece of minty gum, this might be a good one for people getting burnt out on the menthol flavors currently available.

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