Herbs & Spice


This is a full body clove flavor with a hint of Vanilla.


Our cinnamon E-Liquid is a very flavorful vape, and is great for cinnamon lovers. It taste just like the cinnamon sticks.

Cinnamon Fire Storm

If you're looking to heat things up, the Cinnamon Fire Storm US E-Liquid will surely do the trick. The punches of hot cinnamon and sugar is a flavor with long lasting effects.

***Our 0mg cinnamon firestorm taste different than our cinnamon firestorm with nicotine. The taste is a lot lighter and has allot less punch than the liquid with the nicotine.***


Fall Spice

A mix of vanilla ice cream, gingerbread, and apple pie makes a sweet blend of fall flavors perfect for the autumn season.

Green Dlite

DFW Vapor offers Green Dlite e-liquid for our clients who want to revist their days with a popular recreational herb. The flavor has not be extracted from any plants but carries the same nautral flavor. It also doesn't carry any cubersome side effects.

Siberian Fireball

Siberian Fireball is a mix of sweet cinnamon and peppermint. If you like our cinnamon firestorm you're likely to love this variation of the flavor.


Spiced Rum

This slightly sweet, yet stong spice kick reminds me of pumpkins and Halloween!

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