Apple Cherry

A nice fresh blend of cherry and red apples. If you enjoy the taste of fruit, this one's for you!


The sweet juicy taste of Apricot. Great summertime vape and a must for any fans of fruit flavors.

Banana Beard US E-Liquid

A smooth strawberry banana flavor with a dash of black cherry.  You'll go bananas for this flavor!


Banana Daiquiri

Banana Daiquiri

Banana Strawberry

We've captured the popular flavors of banana and strawberry and combined them into a delicious E-Liquid. It's perfect for your fruity and sweet cravings.


A wholesome, well rounded fresh banana flavor. Great by itself or mixed with our fruit or ice cream e-liquids. If you are tired of the standard banana flavors out there, this banana tastes nothing like anything else on the market.


Big Berry Burst

Our Big Berry Burst E-Liquid is full of flavor. Imagining the taste of a delicious blend of mixed berries will put you right in the zone of this flavor profile. We just can't say it enough that it's a must try for berry lovers!

Black Cherry

Sweet, deep, dark flavor of lightly tangy black cherry.


This E-Liquid is true to the real flavor of fresh blackberry.



Never worry if blueberries are in season or not. Our blueberry E-Liquid delivers the flavor of this delicious fruit with utmost accuracy. Pair it with our other E-Liquids and the possibilities are endless.

Bubble Fish

Bubbly and refreshing. A delicious mix of apricot and grape this new flavor is sure to please anyone looking to relax with juicy summer fruits.


Never miss out on the great taste of cantaloupe again. The fresh flavor comes to life with each vape, ensuring that you'll never have to worry about cantaloupe being in season.


Cherry US

Cherry is one of our odd ball creations. Some people say its taste to them like artificial cherry, others say it tastes like a fresh picked cherry, and there have also been a few users compare it to cherry cigars. You decide!


Holy coconuts! This Eliquid carries a pure and natural coconut flavor and is a must try for anyone who loves coconut.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is quite strange looking, but it has an amazingly good taste! Now you can enjoy its unique sweetness in a delicious E-Liquid flavor. No dragons were harmed in the making of this product.


Dragon's Peach

When you take the exotic savoriness that comes from dragon fruit and you swirl it with full bodied peach you find your self taken back to a magical land where your only goal is to soar through the sweet ride, then blow the next cloud and witness another tale of truly epic flavor unfold.

Fresh Red Apples

Enjoy the juicy flavor of a fresh from the tree red apple when you vape this E-liquid.

Fresh Tangerine

Enjoy the natural flavor of one of your favorite fruits while you vape. It's perfect for anyone who just needs some citrus!


Frosty Peach

This sweet Peach flavor is blended with just the right amount of cool Menthol.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is an almighty power house that brings strong grape flavor with a delightful sweetened tone. Can you handle the pure unadulterated power of The Grape Ape?


This flavor really hit the mark on replicating the juicy burst of sweetness from a ripe grape picked fresh from the vine. It's more than good... It's Grape!!



Is it apple, or is it grape? One taste and your sure to be hooked on our Grapple US E-Liquid. This could quickly become anyone's All Day Vape.

Green Apple

Our Green Apple E-Liquid is sweet and sour with a crisp taste!


Clean, crispy, sweet honeydew flavor.



Our Huckleberry E-Liquid has a delicious berry flavor! It's great for anyone who likes boysenberry.

Ja Makin Me Crazy

A tropical blast with strong pineapple and coconut mixed with a little creaminess.  One of our finest fruit flavors created. You'll be going Crazie for this flavor!


This delightful vape was almost as elusive to create as it is to find a jackaloupe. It has a rich strawberry and banana flavor that is very enjoyable.



>Our Kiwi E-Liquid is a mouth watering vape. Stop reading this and click the add to cart button. You, your friend, and your friends friends will be pleased!


There's a nice bright lemony candy flavor with this one. It's a great citrus vape.


Brought in by popular demand, enjoy some citrus with this tangy yet refreshing flavor.


Love You Long Time

A Valentine's Day classic is the sweet little hearts that ask you to give them a call, asking for a kiss, or simply have XOXO printed on them. After momentarily pondering the greater meaning of their sayings we happily chew them up and enjoy the flavor. Now, you can vape the flavor.


Our Mango E-Liquid has a nice, warm, and refreshing mango flavor with just enough sweetness to satisfy.

Monkey Mortars

Enjoy the fine cuisine of monkeys. With this banana, chocolate, peanut butter mix you'll be swinging from the trees for more. Just make sure you keep your eyes up to avoid the bombs.


Orange Pineapple

We took an orange and a pineapple and put them in a death match, the result an awesome new flavor.


Our peach E-Liquid has a great fresh peach taste. It's a delicious and sweet fruity flavor.

Peaches & Cream

There is nothing like fresh peaches and cream on summer day. With this e-liquid flavor, you can have the rich and sweet experience regardless of the season.


Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears has been harvested from the Legendary bird itself. The flavor is an creamy apricot hybrid that is sure to bring tears of joy the anyone who vapes this perfect blend.


From barbeque to frozen yogurt, pineapple is the fun twist to any occassion. DFW Vapor offers this sweet and fun flavor in a portable vape. So whenever you're craving a tropical taste, it's in the palms of your hands. Try it today!


A sweet tangy flavor that seems to dance on the tongue. A delicious fruit flavor whom everyone who tries it seems to love.



A sweet raspberry flavor.


This sugary-peach E-Liquid was originally crafted for valentines day. With a hint of summer time, this juicy peachy flavor will have you relaxing on a day made for couples.

Sour Apple

Yet another addition to our current apple flavors, Sour Apple! Try it today for our twisted take on the apple!


Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry is sweet and with a light but present sour twang.

Sour Grape

A little bit of Grape, a little bit of sour. A lot of folks say this flavor reminds them of a grape soft drink.

Sour Raspberry

Sour Raspberry is the perfect combination of sour and sweet. It's sure to send your taste buds on a ride, but without the extreme sugar rush.


Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry has an amazing sugared sweetness with a slight sour bite.

Sour Watermelon

A sweet watermelon with a bite! If you are a fan of the normal Watermelon then I strongly suggest you give this one a try.


Strawberry is sweet and natural tasting.


Sweet Strawberry

Delicious Strawberry with just a touch more of sweetness.

Tiger's Blood

Strawberry with coconut.

Unicorn Venom

Our newest flavor Unicorn is something you can't quite describe. It's fruity and sweet with a sour-like tang! It's a sweet flavor, like the mythical beast. However, this unicorn has an angry side. As you embrace the sweet, you'll find out it's bite is nothing to be reckoned with.


Very Berry Blast

This is a wonderful mixed berries flavor that's slightly sweetened.

War Giraffe

This finely tuned vape that is sure to make the mouth water for more. The blend of sweet cream with coconut is easy to fall in love with. Even our giraffe loves it!


Our watermelon flavor is an extra sweet and delicious take on the popular melon.

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