Coffee & Tea

Black Tea

Like a nice, steaming cup of black tea!

Cafe Mocha

A strong espresso taste with hints of milk and dark chocolate. Our Cafe mocha e-liquid is rich and delicious!

Caramel Cappuccino

Light in color and heavy on taste, this E-Liquid is a must for any fans of caramel cappuccino.


Caramel Macchiato

Love espresso? Try our Caramel Macchiato E-Liquid! A nice Espresso, Vanilla and Caramel concoction. Definitely one of our most popular flavors.

Caramel Mocha

The espresso, milk, dark chocolate and caramel come together in an explosion of flavor. This is just the right pick me up without the caffeine crash.

Chai Tea

This E-Liquid has a sweet and satisfying chai tea flavor. It's perfect for all the chai tea fanatics!


Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

Rich hazelnut and dark chocolate combined with the power of coffee.

Coffee Liqueur

Do you enjoy adding Liqueur to your coffee, but you can't justify indulging in the flavorful bliss 24/7? This E-Liquid will curb your cravings for that delicious treat by putting the Coffee Liqueur flavor in your vape!


Our coffee flavored E-Liquid is great! It tastes just like a fresh cup of coffee.


Earl Gray

Sweet herby bergamot flavor, just like the tea!

Green Tea

Soothe your senses with this lightly sweetened green tea flavor. It's the natural taste in a convenient size - providing a calm and relaxing feeling.

Irish Cream

Irish Cream liqueur flavor without the hangover. Try mixing it with our coffee flavors, it tastes great!



This Mocha E-Liquid is either the perfect beginning to your day or the sweetest ending to your night.

Peppermint Macchiato

Our classic macchiato with a new peppermint twist. Gear up for the season with coffee Santa himself would love.

Vanilla Caramel Mocha

Vanilla Caramel Mocha is a sweet coffee creation. With a mix of these three great flavors you won't be disappointed.


Vanilla Mocha Chocolate

Our Vanilla Mocha Chocolate E-Liquid is an interesting and delicious combination of flavors. It's creamy and delicious!

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