Bahama Splash

Our Bahama Splash E-Liquid will send you to the beach; from anywhere with it's sweet pineapple and banana mixed drink flavor goodness!

Beast Brew

With this E-Liquid you'll get the full flavor of a big can of GET UP AND GO! It's intense lemon/lime and cream taste is insanely reminiscent of a citrus soda sweetness.

Cherry Cola

What's the only thing better than cola? Cherry Cola!!! This e-liquid tastes just like it sounds. With the mix of sweet cola and a dash of cherry you can't go wrong with this classic favorite.


Citrus Sport Drink

Revitalize your taste buds with this citrus powered blast.

Citrus Tonic

Enjoy some tangy citrus soda flavor in you vapor!

Cookies & Cream Milk Shake

Everyone loves the taste of ice cream and chocolate cookies, and it's always better when they're together! Enjoy the flavorful combination in our Cookies & Cream Milk Shake US E-Liquid!


Cream Soda

Enjoy a cream soda on the go with this delicious E-Liquid. Unfortunately straws are not included.


A brightly colored citrus flavor. Tangy and sweet, this flavor is a must for any citrus fan. Don't worry no ghosts were harmed in the making of this flavor.


Great horchata replica with that nice blend of almonds, cinnamon, milk, and just a hint of honey. Nice rich taste to this one.



A great anytime vape. This flavor has the perfect blend of lightly sweetened and sour lemonade.

Pacific Island Punch

Pacific Island Punch E-Liquid from DFW Vapor is sweet, fruity and juicy. This really is a great flavor that tastes like a big glass of punch!

Rock'n Energy Blend

Blasts of energy drink flavor come in the vapor produced from the rockin' E-Liquid.


Tropic Punch

If you're dreaming of a day on the beach, try our Tropic Punch E-Liquid! The sweet and refreshing flavors will have you thinking you're on an island vacation!

US Energy Cow

The great taste of an energy drink in a DFW Vapor E-Liquid.

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