Almond Amaretto

It's a smooth liqueur flavor with a pinch of almonds.

Bahama Splash

Our Bahama Splash E-Liquid will send you to the beach; from anywhere with it's sweet pineapple and banana mixed drink flavor goodness!

Banana Daiquiri

Banana Daiquiri

Blue Hawaiian

A great pineapple, coconut and rum flavor. Fruity, sweet and delicious!

Blue Liqueur

Our Blue Liqueur E-Liquid's hypnotizing taste will remind you of a famously unique liqueur flavor.


You can now savor the smooth taste of brandy even before five o'clock. Our brandy E-Liquid is a favorite!

Caribbean Delight

This E-Liquid starts out with a small bit of rum flavor, followed by pineapple juice, a splash more rum, and a little vodka. Add rum to taste.

Coffee Liqueur

Do you enjoy adding Liqueur to your coffee, but you can't justify indulging in the flavorful bliss 24/7? This E-Liquid will curb your cravings for that delicious treat by putting the Coffee Liqueur flavor in your vape!

Irish Cream

Irish Cream liqueur flavor without the hangover. Try mixing it with our coffee flavors, it tastes great!

Kentucky Bourbon

We figured you can never have enough great alcohol flavor, so when we had a chance to come up with another bourbon flavor from the Bluegrass state we jumped on it.

Mint Julep

Mint Julep US E-Liquid is an ode to the classic Derby Drink, which is made with Bourbon and sweet mint.

oops! BomB

Black licorice like liquor dropped into an energy drink. Somewhere in the night these always end up being on my bar tab.

Oopsmeister US E-Liquid

Liquor with black licorice flavor, minus the hangover and court costs involved with consuming the real stuff.

Pina Colada US E-Liquid

The perfect mix of rum, coconut, and pineapple.  Feel like your kicking back on the beach anywhere with this delicious Pina Colada flavored vape.

Pink Champagne

A sweet, fruity champagne flavor perfect for anyone looking for a treat.

Spiced Rum

This slightly sweet, yet strong spice kick is like pumpkins and Halloween!

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiris, the summertime favorite, are now available in an E-Liquid.

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